BluCycles — The Next Wave

BluCycles is a product that focuses on BLE and sensor/IoT applications; everything from aviation, to university attendance, event check in, point of sale, interactive outdoor spaces and more.

Under the BluCycles framework, we created a concept called the Internet of People (IoP) as opposed to the Internet of Things (IoT). Powerful smart devices which communicate using the IoT’s natural language (BLE) are now being carried everywhere by people, not just being attached to Things. These devices carry high speed internet connections, an impactful array of sensor technology and the ability to authenticate quickly and reliably.


No Wi-Fi, No Problem

BluCycles connects mobile-to-mobile devices – anywhere. From individuals to huge crowds, simultaneously. No wifi, no problem.

A Rich Service Platform

Provides an agnostic protocol and a rich service platform for a world powered by BLE. BluCycles connects one-to-one and one-to-many – easily and seamlessly.

BluCycles unifies its hardware and software solution spanning multiple platforms. Our developers have created innovative technology consisting of mobile device SDKs, cloud technologies and small cheap specialized hardware platforms.

This enables developers to quickly make innovative services for users who are bringing their internet with them on phones, watches and tablets.

A Powerful and Flexible IoT Platform

BluCycles  IoT platform includes SDKs for iOS, Android and embedded devicesAs a proprietary BLE framework it works naturally as a customized solution across industries. From sports and entertainment, healthcare, smart cities, smart playgrounds, aviation to retail and fashion.

The People Revolution — (P2P) Intelligence

We use BLE to let smart devices which are near each other communicate with very low overhead, quickly connecting, sharing small but complex bits of information and then disconnecting.

That means we can offer solutions to a huge number of use cases where People rather than Things come into proximity and when properly authenticated on a secure channel can make use of powerful contextual services.

Explore cities. Discover people. 

BluCycles is the secret handshake that goes beyond
the internet!

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