Our Expertise

Bridging the gap between domains, people, and technology

We are a dedicated company focused upon critical success solutions for our clients.

Our Capabilities

We build digital products with efficiency, beauty, stability and scalability and make the complex seem intuitively simple. Our expertise is rooted in disruptive business cultures such as Apple and NeXT. We approach every technology solution with the belief that innovation comes from bridging the gap between domains, people, and technology.

Mobile App Development

Native Cloud and Data enabled iOS (Swift/ObjC), Android (Java), node.js (Javascript)

Contextually-aware applications. External Accessory Development: mobile and connected device

External Accessory Development: mobile and connected device

Geographical Information System applications

Functional Reactive Programming applications


BLE 4LE custom service development

Beacon-enabled applications

Multi-platform: Linux, MacOS, iOS, Android

Fog Computing

Contextually-aware apps: Education, tourism, outdoor equipment

Integration with specialized hardware platforms over BLE

Point of Sale Integration

Integration with POS protocol for data exchange and customized apps

Sled based scanner applications for payment and user identification

Used in retail locations

Proximity / Geo Location

Rich data analytics delivered via customized dashboard

Agnostic BLE protocol for beacon to beacon connectivity

Seamless device activation and control

Used in Smart Cities: universities, playgrounds, aviation

Video Streaming

Highly intensive user interactive use of video in applications

Seamless Ad placement

Rich user experience

Used in NFL – 20M weekly users

Architecture and Design

Functional Reactive Programming (FRP) app design

Multi-platform integration and connectivity

Mobile/Cloud based integration

"Making Smart Devices Smarter™"

BlueCycles powers a revolutionary check in platform that makes checking in easier and more seamless than ever. No wifi, no problem. BlueCycles has found a way to create a one-step check in, even in situations where wifi is spotty. Imagine checking in to a venue, conference, class, game, you name it, anywhere! BlueCycles helps long lines and wait times disappear, so you’re in the heart of the action quicker.
Using the BlueCycles platform and the rugged outdoor hardware, our partners deliver services to tourists and local residents just about anywhere in town. That enables cities and businesses to provide entirely new services related to parking, business promotion and advertising, purchase and redemption of services or admittance to attractions and all sorts of security options in a seamless way. BlueCycles means new data and more revenue for businesses and an enhanced, seamless experience for tourists and locals. That's a win-win.
We have just made shopping easier! In geek-speak, that means we have domain experience to pair POS applications with Verifone’s e355 payment devices and communicating with devices via lightning, bluetooth and wifi. This is a conversion to Verifone’s latest architecture which provides PCI compliance and tokenizes all card data. Customers have a secure seamless way of shopping throughout the store with immediate check out via an iPad application. That means we can help you chop checkout times and increase customer experience.